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Midterm Test Part 1 

Using 2016 tax law, indicate: (i) The taxpayer’s correct and most favorable 2016 filing status (ii) His or her greatest number of personal and dependent exemptions allowed for 2016 (iii) Whether the taxpayer is eligible to claim and receive the Child Tax Credit (Select Yes or No) (iv) The tax liability (using the tax tables)


Remember, each dependent must be a qualifying child or qualifying relative. Numbers in parentheses indicate age. Unless otherwise stated, each prospective dependent is an unmarried U.S. citizen who does not provide more than half of his or her own support. In no case will more than one taxpayer attempt to claim the same qualifying child as a dependent. No one other than the persons listed lived in the home. Each taxpayer has only the income stated. The taxpayer is the first person named unless you determine that married filing joint is the correct filing status.

Midterm Test Part 2

Midterm Test, Part 2

The following questions are mu ltiplechoice.

Indicate the correct answer by selecting the letter corresponding to the correct answer.

There is only one correct answer for each question.

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